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Artist of the Week - Last Girl - Marlon Brando


Last week's Bro Radio Local Artist of the Week, we’re taking a trip down good old Britpop lane, with the cigarettes and swagger-esque tune “Marlon Brando” from Pontypridd-grown songstress, Last Girl. Picture a 2009 Arctic Monkeys and Wolf Alice cocktail clad in a bit more fur and sucking the smoke from a Marlborough gold through a Cruella-style cigarette holder, and you’ll arrive at this track’s front door. For me, this song really ticks all the boxes, as I was born and bred on tracks and bands cut from the exact same cloth. The hook barely had a chance to complete a single arpeggiated rotation before it had been added to my frequents playlist.

This confident 4/4 strut of a track, backed by punchy snares and backing vocals sweeter than honey, tells a story of longing and seduction. Last Girl's tantalising tones give us such lines as “you don’t know how much I need you”, “I feel like I’ve always known you” and “Tell me that you want me, and hold me tight”. These lyrics really pull on the relatability strings, and the melodies that they’re set in are expertly crafted for a good sing-along, particularly whilst in the arms of a loved one.

A key highlight to this track for me is the wonderfully broad texture. Reverbs that extend right into next week coupled with jangling guitars and full-bodied trumpets strutting their way through the mix lend to the track’s clear sense of self-confidence. Though this track is firmly grounded in its Britpop vibes, I can’t help but picture Casino Royale style riviera back drops, verandas of cocktail dress clad beauties sipping top-shelf booze, and row upon row of bright red drop-top sports cars to ferry said beauties at great speeds, fox tail wraps blowing in the breeze.

Last Girl’s vocals on this track are a seductive beckoning finger into the wonderful sound world painted through the combination of instrumentation and lyrics. The melodic lines and slurs used throughout are so polished and smooth you could see your reflection in them, and Last Girl’s tone lends a certain shimmer to the simple lyrics that wrap their way around your brain like ivy, all but sealing the listeners' fate of having this tune stuck in our heads for some days to come.

Marlon Brando is now available to stream on all your favourite streaming platforms. Make sure to keep up to date with what this exciting new artist has in store. More of her tracks can be found by googling “trackd music”, the website for Last Girl’s signed record label, Trident records. I’m very excited to see what she comes up with next!

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