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Barry: anti-social youths warned as patrols stepped up

20th November 2021

Police patrols have been stepped up again following anti-social behaviour in Barry.

There have been at least 12 reported incidents of eggs and stones being thrown at cars and homes in and around Victoria Park Road over the last four weeks.

Officers are warning youths that such behaviour will not be tolerated and ''appropriate action will be taken''.

CCTV footage is being monitored and local shops are being notified.

PC Helen Kihlberg, from Barry police station, said: ''This has been causing considerable distress to the residents who not only have the cost but also inconvenience of clearing up the mess and repairing any damage.''

''We have been providing an increased visible presence to reassure residents and act as a deterrent to those responsible.''

''I am pleased to say that we have had some positive feedback from residents who say they have noticed a difference, but our patrols will continue.''

South Wales Police said it was working with the parks department at Vale of Glamorgan Council to try and identify those responsible.

The patrols follow a similar response in the Holton Road area last month, where at least ten youths were reported for ''making a nuisance of themselves'' by littering, thowing drink cartons and swearing.

If you have any information about anti-social behaviour in Victoria Park Road, contact South Wales Police on 101, or in an emergency, call 999.

Alternatively, visit the South Wales Police website, DM via Facebook or Twitter or email SWP101@south-wales.police.uk

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One comment on “Barry: anti-social youths warned as patrols stepped up”

  1. We had trouble from youths around Gladstone Road area down by the Savoy broken wing mirrors, punctured tyre, paint damage on car,plastics green bins thrown on floor kicked around, girls fighting,screaming,boys fighting, drinking in blind park, mostly on Fridays, Saturday, nights we are moving Addams funeral home allow us park in there in nights

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