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Barry Cancer Survivor in Top Five For Top Mag's Mums Award


A Breast Cancer survivor from Barry has made it to the final five of the Hello magazine Star Mum award, which aims to honour mothers who, while raising their family, still find the time to help others in need.

Soraya Kelly, a mum of four, was diagnosed with Grade 3 Breast Cancer three years ago, and used her experience to launch a campaign, "The Gloves Are On".

The initiative focused on early detection of the disease and her brave journey caught the public's imagination, leading to a number of new opportunities as she took the high profile initiative all around the country – with a particular focus on schools, youth centres, and young peoples’ sports facilities.

The Star Mum Award also focuses on women who may have overcome remarkable personal challenges. And they look for entries that espouse compassion, empathy and strength, wisdom and kindness.

Soraya said:

"Since, the start of The Gloves Are On, we have had much success in helping our young people. We have made improvements in areas such as well-being, raised awareness on many social issues, and have broken down barriers with increased positivity on an individual and group youth basis.


"Winning the Star Mum Award would be great for me personally, but, more importantly, it would give me the prefect platform and profile to deliver the much work that needs to be done – especially in this current unpredictable and anxious time.”

TheGlovesAreOn (#TGAO) is dedicated to providing a range of opportunities, education and support to children, young adults and their families on difficult and sensitive issues and gained official charity status in October 2019 – nearly two years to the day after Soraya was diagnosed with the potentially devastating disease.

Find out about all their latest projects, and how to get involved here.

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