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1st October 2019

Barry Conservatives oppose Plaid plans for legal action over Carpet

BY: Bro Radio News

Plans by Barry Plaid Councillors to take Wetherspoons to court over the use of a carpet bearing the town council’s crest have been opposed by Conservatives on the council.

Conservative Group leader - Cllr Vincent Bailey - said it was time to put a stop to the “nonsense” and get on with more important work. 

The row stems from the pub chain’s use of a carpet bearing the Town Council’s crest.

In a Full Barry Town Council meeting on the 22nd July it was agreed that the Council would refuse a request to use the Barry Town Council Armorial Bearings (Coat of Arms) on the carpet of the Sir Samuel Romilly, Barry.

At said meeting it was also agreed "That the Chief Officer responds to the request from the architects, informing them of Council’s decision and requesting they remove the carpet as soon as practicably possible."

And "That the Chief Officer seek legal advice on what recourse can be taken should J.D. Wetherspoon refuse to remove the carpet."

Cllr Vincent Bailey said: “Taking Wetherspoons to court would be an absolute waste of money, and the public backlash would be deserved.

“Frankly, Barry residents expect us to be concentrating on more serious things - and whilst some Plaid councillors seem to be gunning for legal action, it makes much more sense to come to a compromise.

“We’re talking about a significant local employer and a popular pub. 

“This could be resolved easily, and that’s why I have called for a special meeting of Town Council - so that we can put a stop to this nonsense, get on with our lives and start working on things that matter to our residents.”

Plaid Cymru Councillor Shirley Hodges said "It was a unanimous decision by the Town Council not to give permission to use the Barry Town Crest to Weatherspoons."

"I'm surprised Cllr Bailey has now changed his mind, this decision was only made a few weeks ago. Plaid have asked for proper processes to be followed I think this the most sensible way forward."

"The Town council has not made a decision to take the pub chain to court, so the request by senior Tory politicians for the council to "reconsider" is very bizarre."

"Perhaps if Cllr Bailey attended town council meetings a bit more than the 15% he managed last year, he would be better placed to inform people of facts and not fiction."

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