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Barry man jailed after threatening to kill mother

  Geograph (Robin Drayton)

A Barry man has been jailed for threatening to kill a mother.

Jonathan Todd admitted confronting the woman with a broken bottle on Dyfan Road in February.

A judge at Newport Crown Court said he appeared to be ''out of his mind'' on drink and drugs at the time.

The 43 year-old, a serial offender from Pontalun Close, was sentenced to twenty months in prison.

Prosecutors said Todd was ''unsteady on his feet'' and ''acting strangely'', when he took out a glass bottle from his rucksack and smashed it on the kerb.

The mother was pushing her baby in a pram when she was approached. She ran across the road, while her daughter ran into a nearby garden to hide.

Todd also signalled he was going to slice another man's throat with the bottle.

The court heard Todd had been convicted 59 times for other offences, including burglary, assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

The defence said he had been suffering with schizophrenia and was taking antipsychotic medication.

He had no recollection of what happened, but ''expressed remorse for his behaviour'' and apologised to the woman.

Sentencing him, Judge Daniel Williams said: ''You appeared to be out of your mind on drink and drugs. You brandished a bottle and made a threat to kill.''

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