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Barry 'menace' jailed for 44 months

20th November 2021

A judge has told a Barry man he was ''something of a menace'' in the town.

21 year-old Christopher Wheatley admitted breaking into his neighbours' houses and threatening a man with a knife.

He was jailed for three years and eight months at Cardiff Crown Court.

Prosecutors said Wheatley stole cash from people he knew during two burglaries at a house and a bungalow in June last year - the owners were sleeping at the time.

Then, in November 2020, he confronted a man with a knife outside a block of flats on Ramsey Road and came close to stabbing him.

Wheatley's lawyers, mitigating, said the defendant apologised to his victims.

He became addicted to crack cocaine when he was a teen, and at the age of 16, he was left homeless after being told to leave his mother's home.

Wheatley was jailed earlier this year for drugs and assault charges - he was previously convicted nine times for 18 previous offences.

Sentencing him, Recorder Duncan Bould said the man threatened with a knife ''could have been badly injured or worse'' if he had not taken evasive action.

There had been a ''serious risk of disorder'' and the defendant was described as ''something of a menace in the locality''.

Wheatley must also pay a victim surcharge of £190 upon his release from prison.

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