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Barry Town United to start Cymru Premier Season at home against TNS


The fixtures for the 2020/21 Cymru Premier have been released, with Barry Town United starting their campaign at Jenner Park against TNS.

The season will get underway on 12th September, with matches initially taking place without spectators as the Welsh Government continues its cautious approach towards the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first round see’s Barry Town United welcome The New Saints to Jenner Park on the 12th September, with a 2:30pm kick off – before hosting Caernarfon Town FC on 19th September.

JD Cymru Fixtures:

RoundHome TeamAway TeamDate & Time
1Aberystwyth Town FCCardiff Met University FC12.09.2020 14:30
1Barry Town United AFCThe New Saints FC12.09.2020 14:30
1Caernarfon Town FCPenybont FC12.09.2020 14:30
1Connah’s Quay Nomads FCBala Town FC12.09.2020 17:45
1Flint Town United FCNewtown AFC12.09.2020 14:30
1Haverfordwest County AFCCefn Druids FC12.09.2020 14:30
2Cardiff Met University FCHaverfordwest County AFC15.09.2020 19:45
2Cefn Druids FCFlint Town United FC15.09.2020 19:45
2Newtown AFCCaernarfon Town FC15.09.2020 19:45
2Penybont FCAberystwyth Town FC15.09.2020 19:45
2The New Saints FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC13.10.2020 19:45
2Bala Town FCBarry Town United AFC13.10.2020 19:45
3Aberystwyth Town FCFlint Town United FC18.09.2020 19:45
3Barry Town United AFCCaernarfon Town FC19.09.2020 14:30
3Haverfordwest County AFCNewtown AFC19.09.2020 17:45
3Bala Town FCCefn Druids FC20.09.2020 14:30
3Connah’s Quay Nomads FCPenybont FC20.09.2020 14:30
3The New Saints FCCardiff Met University FC20.09.2020 14:30
4Newtown AFCAberystwyth Town FC25.09.2020 19:45
4Cefn Druids FCCardiff Met University FC26.09.2020 14:30
4Flint Town United FCBarry Town United AFC26.09.2020 14:30
4Caernarfon Town FCThe New Saints FC27.09.2020 14:30
4Haverfordwest County AFCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC27.09.2020 14:30
4Penybont FCBala Town FC27.09.2020 14:30
5Newtown AFCCefn Druids FC29.09.2020 19:45
5Bala Town FCThe New Saints FC30.09.2020 19:45
5Barry Town United AFCHaverfordwest County AFC30.09.2020 19:45
5Caernarfon Town FCFlint Town United FC30.09.2020 19:45
5Connah’s Quay Nomads FCAberystwyth Town FC30.09.2020 19:45
5Cardiff Met University FCPenybont FC30.09.2020 19:45
6Aberystwyth Town FCBarry Town United AFC03.10.2020 14:30
6Bala Town FCHaverfordwest County AFC03.10.2020 14:30
6Cardiff Met University FCCaernarfon Town FC03.10.2020 14:30
6Cefn Druids FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC03.10.2020 14:30
6Penybont FCNewtown AFC03.10.2020 14:30
6The New Saints FCFlint Town United FC03.10.2020 14:30
7Barry Town United AFCCardiff Met University FC06.10.2020 19:45
7Cefn Druids FCAberystwyth Town FC06.10.2020 19:45
7Connah’s Quay Nomads FCCaernarfon Town FC06.10.2020 19:45
7Flint Town United FCBala Town FC06.10.2020 19:45
7Haverfordwest County AFCPenybont FC06.10.2020 19:45
7The New Saints FCNewtown AFC06.10.2020 19:45
8Bala Town FCAberystwyth Town FC09.10.2020 19:45
8Caernarfon Town FCCefn Druids FC09.10.2020 19:45
8Cardiff Met University FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC10.10.2020 14:30
8Flint Town United FCHaverfordwest County AFC10.10.2020 14:30
8Newtown AFCBarry Town United AFC10.10.2020 14:30
8Penybont FCThe New Saints FC10.10.2020 14:30
9Aberystwyth Town FCThe New Saints FC16.10.2020 19:45
9Barry Town United AFCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC17.10.2020 14:30
9Cardiff Met University FCFlint Town United FC17.10.2020 14:30
9Cefn Druids FCPenybont FC17.10.2020 14:30
9Haverfordwest County AFCCaernarfon Town FC17.10.2020 14:30
9Newtown AFCBala Town FC17.10.2020 14:30
10Caernarfon Town FCAberystwyth Town FC23.10.2020 19:45
10Connah’s Quay Nomads FCNewtown AFC23.10.2020 19:45
10Bala Town FCCardiff Met University FC24.10.2020 14:30
10Cefn Druids FCBarry Town United AFC24.10.2020 14:30
10Penybont FCFlint Town United FC24.10.2020 14:30
10The New Saints FCHaverfordwest County AFC24.10.2020 14:30
11Aberystwyth Town FCPenybont FC30.10.2020 19:45
11Flint Town United FCCaernarfon Town FC30.10.2020 19:45
11Barry Town United AFCBala Town FC31.10.2020 14:30
11Cardiff Met University FCCefn Druids FC31.10.2020 14:30
11Connah’s Quay Nomads FCThe New Saints FC31.10.2020 14:30
11Newtown AFCHaverfordwest County AFC31.10.2020 14:30
12Aberystwyth Town FCNewtown AFC06.11.2020 19:45
12Cefn Druids FCBala Town FC06.11.2020 19:45
12Caernarfon Town FCBarry Town United AFC07.11.2020 14:30
12Flint Town United FCThe New Saints FC07.11.2020 14:30
12Haverfordwest County AFCCardiff Met University FC07.11.2020 14:30
12Penybont FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC07.11.2020 14:30
13Caernarfon Town FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC13.11.2020 19:45
13Cardiff Met University FCAberystwyth Town FC13.11.2020 19:45
13Bala Town FCPenybont FC14.11.2020 14:30
13Cefn Druids FCHaverfordwest County AFC14.11.2020 14:30
13Newtown AFCFlint Town United FC14.11.2020 14:30
13The New Saints FCBarry Town United AFC14.11.2020 14:30
14Aberystwyth Town FCBala Town FC20.11.2020 19:45
14Connah’s Quay Nomads FCCefn Druids FC20.11.2020 19:45
14Barry Town United AFCNewtown AFC21.11.2020 14:30
14Cardiff Met University FCThe New Saints FC21.11.2020 14:30
14Haverfordwest County AFCFlint Town United FC21.11.2020 14:30
14Penybont FCCaernarfon Town FC21.11.2020 14:30
15Bala Town FCNewtown AFC27.11.2020 19:45
15Caernarfon Town FCHaverfordwest County AFC28.11.2020 14:30
15Connah’s Quay Nomads FCBarry Town United AFC28.11.2020 14:30
15Flint Town United FCCardiff Met University FC28.11.2020 14:30
15Penybont FCCefn Druids FC28.11.2020 14:30
15The New Saints FCAberystwyth Town FC28.11.2020 14:30
16Aberystwyth Town FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC04.12.2020 19:45
16Cefn Druids FCCaernarfon Town FC04.12.2020 19:45
16Barry Town United AFCFlint Town United FC05.12.2020 14:30
16Cardiff Met University FCBala Town FC05.12.2020 14:30
16Haverfordwest County AFCThe New Saints FC05.12.2020 14:30
16Newtown AFCPenybont FC05.12.2020 14:30
17Caernarfon Town FCNewtown AFC18.12.2020 19:45
17Barry Town United AFCCefn Druids FC19.12.2020 14:30
17Connah’s Quay Nomads FCCardiff Met University FC19.12.2020 14:30
17Flint Town United FCAberystwyth Town FC19.12.2020 17:00
17Haverfordwest County AFCBala Town FC19.12.2020 14:30
17The New Saints FCPenybont FC19.12.2020 14:30
18Aberystwyth Town FCHaverfordwest County AFC26.12.2020 14:30
18Bala Town FCCaernarfon Town FC26.12.2020 14:30
18Flint Town United FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC26.12.2020 14:30
18Newtown AFCCardiff Met University FC26.12.2020 14:30
18Penybont FCBarry Town United AFC26.12.2020 14:30
18The New Saints FCCefn Druids FC26.12.2020 14:30
19Barry Town United AFCPenybont FC29.12.2020 19:45
19Caernarfon Town FCBala Town FC29.12.2020 19:45
19Cardiff Met University FCNewtown AFC29.12.2020 19:45
19Cefn Druids FCThe New Saints FC29.12.2020 19:45
19Connah’s Quay Nomads FCFlint Town United FC29.12.2020 19:45
19Haverfordwest County AFCAberystwyth Town FC29.12.2020 19:45
20Aberystwyth Town FCCaernarfon Town FC01.01.2021 14:30
20Bala Town FCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC01.01.2021 14:30
20Flint Town United FCCefn Druids FC01.01.2021 14:30
20Haverfordwest County AFCBarry Town United AFC01.01.2021 14:30
20Newtown AFCThe New Saints FC01.01.2021 14:30
20Penybont FCCardiff Met University FC01.01.2021 14:30
21Cefn Druids FCNewtown AFC22.01.2021 19:45
21Barry Town United AFCAberystwyth Town FC23.01.2021 14:30
21Caernarfon Town FCCardiff Met University FC23.01.2021 14:30
21Connah’s Quay Nomads FCHaverfordwest County AFC23.01.2021 14:30
21Flint Town United FCPenybont FC23.01.2021 14:30
21The New Saints FCBala Town FC23.01.2021 14:30
22Aberystwyth Town FCCefn Druids FC29.01.2021 19:45
22Bala Town FCFlint Town United FC29.01.2021 19:45
22Cardiff Met University FCBarry Town United AFC29.01.2021 19:45
22Newtown AFCConnah’s Quay Nomads FC29.01.2021 19:45
22Penybont FCHaverfordwest County AFC29.01.2021 19:45
22The New Saints FCCaernarfon Town FC29.01.2021 19:45
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