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Barry's Zero Waste Shop broken into overnight


Awesome Wales - Barry's Zero Waste Shop has been broken into overnight - with thieves stealing a safe, along with the shops mobile phone.

The store has now reopened after a Police forensic team attended the store to collect evidence, following the break in.

Speaking to Bro Radio the business owners said "They've take a phone, the safe, which has mostly paperwork and a bit of cash in. What's worse is they have emptied the Hope Rescue charity box."

"We left the shop at around 5:15pm on Monday and came in at around 8:30am on Tuesday, so it could have taken place any time between then."

"Though we suspect it was before 4.30am as they've taken a few things out of one of the fridges which are now at room temperature."

"The only distinctive thing we can see that they've taken is five bars of Tony's Chocoloney chocolate, of which we are the only retailer in Barry who sells it"

In a statement shared via social media on Tuesday morning, Awesome Wales said:


Hi you Awesome lot

We will be closed today and possibly tomorrow as the shop was broken into overnight. Our safe was stolen, along with the shop mobile so we have to remain closed until the forensic team attend.

Sorry about the inconvenience

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said "South Wales Police is investigating a burglary at Awesome Wales Enterprises in Holton Road, Barry, sometime between 5pm yesterday and 8.30am today."

"A number of items have been stolen include a charity box."

"Anyone with information is asked to please contact 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence *327889."

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