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Belle Vue Pavilion and Play Area To Receive Comprehensive Upgrade


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has confirmed that the Belle Vue Pavilion and Play Area will receive a significant upgrade and are looking for feedback regarding their draft plans for the area.

The Council received Section 106 financial contributions for Community Facilities from nearby developments which they have allocated to the area and have applied to Lottery and the "people and places" grants for funding for the project following an initial consultation in 2019 to understand and fully appreciate the views of residents and user groups. This is a two-step process and after a successful first stage, the Council are preparing the documentation for stage two.

The consultation in 2019 highlighted that the existing Pavilion is limited in its current form, in terms of how far it can expand to meet the existing and future population's needs. The existing building and extensions has a lot of impracticable space.

The Council's proposal is to erect a new building, which will have a multi-use hall and flexible space, kitchen/café, toilets, a changing place space, and an outdoor seating area. The new building will be located in the same position within the park upon a similar footprint.


Draft plans for the Pavilion have been drawn up as a starting point to support discussions going forward.

To view the draft drawings and have your say on the upgrade plans click here.

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