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Bro Radio Local Artist Of The Week: Danielle Lewis


Every week on Bro Radio, we feature an artist local to South Wales on our playlist and this week's Local Artist of the Week is Danielle Lewis, with her new single, "Help Me".

Originally from West Wales, Danielle is a Singer-Songwriter who lets her vocals do the talking, crafting simple but well-realised instrumental tracks with plenty of space for her lyrics and voice to flourish.

"Help Me" is no different in this regard, with Danielle's voice taking front and centre from the very first second, as single piano chords are picked out and a quiet acoustic guitar track ensures things keep moving.

At first glance, the track's title feels remarkably open. "Help Me", as a phrase, is one often reserved for those closest to you in an hour of desperate need.

In actuality, the juxtaposition of the song's chorus lyric, "heaven can't help me now" and the, now more layered, corresponding instrumentation, give an impression of a sudden, cathartic realisation and acceptance of the way things are.

Much like a book should not be judged by its cover, the overwhelming feeling this track conveys is not one of any need for assistance, as its title may lead you to believe, but more that of enlightenment.


Danielle has said of the track:

"On reflection of 'Help Me', the lyrics shed a light on my inner dialogue at that moment in time, perhaps even another aspect of myself. It's a reminder of the importance of self-love that ultimately starts from within."

Overall, "Help Me" is a very worthy addition to Lewis' burgeoning collection of beautiful folk tunes and is perhaps her best track to date, pulling together all of the best elements of her previous work into one song.

Danielle Lewis' new single, "Help Me" is out now on all major platforms.

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