Written by Ben Dain-Smith


Bro Radio Pledges To Become A Dementia-Friendly Organisation

17th November 2021

Bro Radio has pledged to work to become a dementia-friendly organisation, using support from Marie Curie and resources produced by Alzheimer's Society to attempt to identify some simple actions that can be taken to ensure the station is accessible and helpful to those affected by dementia.

The station's commitment comes as local businesses across a range of sectors in the Vale of Glamorgan work to become dementia-friendly with support from Marie Curie, as part of the Welsh Government's commitment to building Dementia-Friendly Communities throughout Wales.

A Dementia-Friendly Community is a city, town, or village where the needs of people affected by dementia are understood and respected, and individuals with a diagnosis of dementia are supported to maintain their independence, interests, and skills as part of everyday life.

Some of the things Bro Radio will do to become dementia-friendly include the use of dementia-friendly language by its team of presenters on-air and in its online news output off-air. Additionally, Bro Radio will aim to raise awareness of dementia by featuring coverage of local community initiatives, and staff and volunteers will be chosen to become "Dementia Friends" with Alzheimer's Society, developing a greater understanding of the needs of those living with dementia and ways of providing effective support.

Ingrid Patterson, of Marie Curie, said of Bro Radio's commitment:

"Bro Radio is a business that has taken action to make its local community a better place to live and work for people affected by dementia."

On pledging to take action Bro Radio received a certificate and window sticker to be displayed at its studios, in recognition of the work carried out.

Operations Director at Bro Radio, Nathan Spackman, said: "Being at the heart of the community, its important for us to take what action we can to make the Vale of Glamorgan a better place for people affected by dementia. We are looking forward to working with Marie Curie over the next couple of months to urge other local businesses to become dementia-friendly."

Becoming dementia-friendly as a local business is a cost-free, simple process, and even simple actions can make a huge difference for those affected by dementia, giving them reassurance that businesses in their community are aware and supportive of their needs. Additionally, accessibility will also be improved for people within the wider community, generally.

For more information on becoming dementia-friendly, email ingrid.patterson@mariecurie.org.uk.

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