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Bro Radio selected for Co-op Local Community Fund


Bro Radio has been selected for the 2020/21 Co-op Local Community Fund for its work supporting those with mental health experiences across the County.

The fund allows Co-op shoppers raise funds for local good causes, with 1% of all Co-op branded products going towards local good causes like Bro Radio.

Co-op members can decide which local group they would like to back by going go online to or visiting Bro Radio’s direct project page via

Unlike other stations, Bro Radio is volunteer-led, offering local people access to training opportunities that increase skills, communication and social interaction, and help improve mental well-being and future job prospects. The training aims to give participants a voice in their community.

Bro Radio’s Operations Director Nathan Spackman said “Through our consultations with our community, we understand the impact that the coronavirus has had on the mental health of local people. In particular, this project will work with those who have faced bereavement, unemployment or isolation during the pandemic, to give them the skills and knowledge to share their experiences with the wider community, helping to show that they are not alone.”

If you are not a member and would like to support us, you can join at your local store or online at

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