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Bro Radio’s Local Artist Of The Week – Foxxglove


This week, Bro Radio’s Local Artist of the Week featured track comes from Ferndale singer/songwriter, Foxxglove.

Bad Timing’, an alt-pop flavoured ballad with it’s lens on the 23 year old artist’s personal experience with the age-old story of boy pursues girl, girl falls for boy, boy’s straying eyes lead to heartbreak. What ensues are a relatable 2 minutes and 34 seconds of cleverly constructed lyrics, wistful piano, and a breakdown with a punch strong enough to knock out any scumbag’s two front teeth.

The track opens with a broad minor chord, imagery for the damaged heart that is most definitely on Foxxglove’s sleeve as she takes the lead for a very stripped back initial texture to the song. Her vocals are cleanly mixed and coated in a warm reverb, giving the track a spacious vibe, almost as if we were sat there with her on a window-sill, looking out over a cloudy autumn evening, rain drops pensively running down the glass, mirroring Foxxglove’s ‘glossy eyes’ lyric.

Glossy eyes, sugar coated lies’. “This was one of the first things that I wrote down, and I’m quite proud of it. It symbolises when someone is obviously lying to you, and I wanted to say that without actually saying it” Foxxglove told Bro Radio.

We hear this lyric recapitulate throughout the track, a constant throughout the clear progression of emotion through this track. As the texture builds, so does the fury; a clear development of the stages of some might call the least amicable of splits. This track expertly captures this development, bringing the audience along with the singer. “You can be angry, and frustrated and upset all at once. It’s just all those feelings into one” explains Foxxglove, and we all nod in agreement.

But Foxxglove gets her final say as the track comes to close, treating the subject of this track to what can only be described as a lyrical middle finger, assuring her former lover that ‘Now you’re all alone’ accompanied by an unresolved final chord. The phrase what goes around comes around certainly springs to mind.

Outside of the release of this soon-to-be road-trip sing-along track, Foxxglove (like the rest of us), has been coping with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I wasn’t really active during the first lockdown as I was in a state of shock trying to get through each day. Before lockdown I was gigging all the time, and I was hit hard by show cancellations” she candidly admits. But that all changed in lockdown 2.0 for her. “This lockdown has been hard, but I’ve been so productive, so something good has come out of it. I wanted to be as candid as possible as it was such a personal song, and I want people to be able to connect to it. That’s what I like to do when I listen to music; connect to it. It helps me out, and if I can help other people out with my music, that would be great.”

Bad Timing’ is available on all your favourite streaming platforms, and if you loved this track as much as I did, feel free to head over to Foxxglove’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with new music and upcoming shows from her.

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