Written by Charlie Marshall

Bro Radio's Local Artist Of The Week - Greta Isaac - 5'1

7th October 2021

Bro Radio's Local Artist of the Week, this week is Great Isaac, an old favourite of ours! Her latest effort, "5'1" is a simple yet satisfying pop-rock bop fit for teen ears, with revolving chord progressions and catchy hooks manifesting their ear-worm offspring. Symptoms to be expected; involuntary foot tapping and a week of humming, frustrating individuals nearby, assuming, of course, that they haven’t heard this track yet. Individuals that have could be identified through showcasing similar symptoms.

A good track is set up with strong foundations, and the bedrock of this herculean track is the drums. The catchy quaver-crotchet combo we hear repeated through each bar puts a musical emphasis on the exit of the bar, driving the song forward like ox through mud. Perhaps a poor analogy due to the obvious quality of the track, but I’ll stick to my own guns.

Verse one might coax you over into a false sense of relaxation, what with the combination of Greta’s tone and the lulling back of forth of the bass notes, but an abrupt crescendo at the end of verse one and the introduction of a crunchier tone in the accompanying guitar that joins the party during the second system of the verse really kick off the track into the confidence-oozing pop-rock romp that we’re salivating for.

Further intrigue for the listener is provided at the chorus’ genesis, as Greta’s vocal rhythm syncopate with the original pulse of the track, the guitar mimicking, giving us a face-to-face encounter with its 110% crunch factor as all is stripped back bar Greta and her lute. Then it’s back to regularly scheduled programming, with the addition of “Ah ah ah ah” ad lips chiming in on the offbeat. For me, the rhythmic diversity in this track is a real pull toward 9/10 status, as whilst we’re firmly placed in the realms of easy listening 4/4, the counter-rhythms and ad-libs lend a certain artistic colour to the track that really makes me smile.

Lyrically, Greta is matter of fact. Sausage and mash. Very “I’m not really that interested in what you have to say, but I might be after this drink, so if you could just shut up while I finish it, that would be grand”. The 'screw it we’re young' outlook of the track combined with the line catchy line “I swear I saw you look at me like I was your enemy. That’s cool, that’s fine, okay alright, guess you must be scared of me” give a clear essence that whoever this track is about, Greta’s trying to tantalise them, whilst maintaining a listless aura. Like poking a bear with a sharp stick whilst keeping a deadpan expression and wearing very large-framed dark sunglasses. The vibe of Greta’s lyricism fits perfectly with the texture and instrumentation of this track, and is another winner from her as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be back again for more “just tall enough to ride” nightmares, make no mistake.

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