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Bro Radio's Local Artist of the Week - Hemes


This week, Bro Radio's featured track of the week comes from a songstress who goes by the name of Hemes. She brings us her debut track, entitled "Breathe", full of intelligent textures that piece together like a jig-saw, coupled with harmonies sweeter than honey and beautifully heartfelt lyrics. This all blends together in a glorious mixture to create a really strong first outing in this artist's career.

We're strapped into this ride by some bright keys, which are shortly joined by a vocal texture that is what cream is to strawberries. However, the gentle atmosphere created via the luscious reverb here is only mirrored in Hemes' lyrical work, as the punchy, clock-like track interrupts the dreaminess of the brief intro. A simple three-chord loop that perpetuates for the entirety of the track compliments Hemes' perfectly mixed vocals for this electro-pop bop, as Hemes demonstrates her skill for melody setting, cleverly combining both smooth and skippy rhythmic patterns. On the whole, the textural diversity of the track shows real creativity, with various lashing of well-timed distortion in some elements, coupled with various percussive mix filler and energy-inducing risers. Hold on to your producer, Hemes, this is great work!

The start of the chorus in this track really is the highlight of the song. The thick intertwining harmonies reminiscent of Imogen Heap really dials the track to 11, whilst ensuring that I'll be annoying my girlfriend later by singing this hook under my breath whilst scrolling through instagram. My hope is that in future works Hemes explores her natural talent for harmony in depth, as her potential is really quite exciting.


The lyrical story here speaks to a desire and lust for escapism, and an unapologetic thankfulness for that person that helps Hemes achieve that, particularly when the curse of the human condition comes into play. Hemes sings "You know it's hard to breathe underwater", a relatable metaphor to most audiences who have ever experienced that caged in feeling of inescapable anxiety. Hemes as a lyricist is quite clever in her simplicity, a truth speaker. "All that I need is to see your face, you make it all okay, and it goes away" Hemes continues. The connection she achieves with the listener from sheer relatability allows for each person to apply their own personal experience to this track, thus ensuring a few taps of the repeat button.

"Breathe" is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, whatever floats your boat, and if you'd like to keep on top of what Hemes is getting up to, she's findable on all social media platforms. As for myself - subscribed!

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