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Bro Radio's Local Artist Of The Week - Macy


Last week, Bro Radio’s local artist of the week was Welsh female singer/songwriter Macy with her brand new track "Rainbow Eyes". Any fan of Dua Lipa-style, brightly textured pop tunes is sure to feel at home with this track, which definitely earns itself a click of the repeat button.

At the beginning of the track we hear what sounds like an old video tape being started, an opening that makes much more sense when you watch the music video, which, like this track, is super colourful and matches some of the more 80s style vibes we get from certain textures in the track, particularly the juicy wah in the guitar counter-melody.

In keeping with those 80s vibes, Macy’s lyrical subject matter for the songs focuses on describing a passionate love affair like a drug. “You’re like a bad addiction with good intentions, I can’t give you up” Macy sings in the chorus of the track, continuing to say “tripping without you, so high”. Whilst the instruments texture of the track and happy, innocent pop, the lyrics take on much more mature themes if you really delve deep. Coupled with the visuals provided in the music video (which I highly recommend to give a watch), it’s almost a psychedelic experience.

Giving focus to Macy’s crisp on intoxicating vocals, the verses of the track keep it simple with not much going on. The slow stomping steps of the kit give this track a confident swagger the forces a smile and definitely a hip swing or two. The rich, cleanly mixed bass present through the whole track is a driving force that adds a strength to the track in sections where the texture is more sparse, but also blends perfectly and isn’t overpowering in moments where the track thickens out, particularly at the ever-popular “pop-drop”, where we’re treated to some guitar that brings serious groove to the huge summer track.

We were able to chat the Macy about her new track, and she seems just as excited about it as we all are. We asked Macy what the story behind this finger clicker was, and she had this to say:


"I’d really like everyone to have their own interpretation of this track, but for me I was walking around during the first lockdown, and like everybody else saw all the rainbows about in windows. I thought it would be great to write a song about them."

Naturally through the pandemic, music collaboration has been extremely hard and damn near impossible for a lot of artists. We asked how she got around this obstacle when writing Rainbow Eyes:

“I’ve been collaborating with other artists over zoom. I actually got used to writing music over zoom so much that I’ve written tracks in 25 minutes. My producer would play idea and we’d just write over the top of it”.

If you’d like to hear more from Macy, she’s findable on all streaming platforms under Macy, and social media under the handle @macymusic. She also confirmed with us that she will be releasing another track at end of July, which will be the 3rd track from EP, entitled sweet honey. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

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