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Campaigners plan public meeting on Dinas Powys flood proposals

  Map of Dinas Powys shows areas at flood risk.

Campaigners in Dinas Powys have arranged a public meeting to discuss flood proposals from Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

The public meeting will take place on Monday 24th February at 7pm, at Dinas Powys Parish Hall.

The meeting has been arranged following concerns about the potential destruction of ancient woodland in the well loved Woodland Trust amenity of Cwm George and Casehill Woods, which enjoys over 50,000 visits per year.

The public meeting will take place on Monday 24 February, starting at 7pm, in Dinas Powys Parish Hall.

For the past three years NRW have been developing options to manage the risk of flooding in parts of Dinas Powys.

heir initial proposal in 2017 was to build a large dam costing in the region of £7m in local beauty spot Cwm George, which has led to widespread public concern over the past 18 months.

The land belongs in part to the Woodland Trust and local Dinas Powys residents David and Judy Watts. Both landowners vehemently oppose the construction of the dam.

On 11 February NRW published their long awaited and delayed draft Outline Business Case which describes options to manage risk of flooding in Dinas Powys.

That morning NRW briefed local stakeholders including campaign groups Save Dinas Powys Woods And Protect Homes From Flooding and Stop The Dam In Dinas Powys. Also in attendance were County Councillors, the site owners Woodland Trust Wales, and the chairs of Dinas Powys Community Council and Michaelston le Pit and Leckwith Community Councils.

Following the briefing Peter Smith, Chair of Save Dinas Powys Woods And Protect Homes From Flooding said: “We are confident from our research that a positive solution can be found to protect the few homes that are at risk of a 1 in 100 year flooding event without the need for a large dam which would destroy ancient woodland and damage the environment. We are looking forward to hearing what the public feel about the options to inform our response to the consultation”.


The stakeholders will now arrange the public meeting on 24 February in which the whole community is invited to gauge public feelings about the options, as part of a public consultation lasting until 27 March.

The event is being promoted via the Save Dinas Powys Woods and Protect Homes From Flooding FaceBook page and at

Peter Smith commented on the draft Outline Business Case: “We have presented a lot of good ideas to NRW, including natural flood management that is playing such a big role in flood defence across England.

There are also a number of older bridges restricting flow in lower Dinas Powys and increasing flood risk in Sunnybrook, the centre of the flood risk area. Up until now NRW have just ruled out these ideas without giving a credible rationale.

We will read the Outline Business Case with interest, and look forward to working with NRW - that with some effort and imagination a better solution can be found”.

In December 2019 campaign group Save Dinas Powys Woods And Protect Homes From Flooding signed a Joint Statement with the Woodland Trust, to signal their opposition to a dam.

The Joint Statement called upon NRW to pause the options appraisal and embark on a five year programme of improved monitoring, clearing obstacles to flow downstream and natural flood management (including tree planting and other methods of slowing the flow upstream).

The Joint Statement is published at:

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