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24th October 2019

Cardiff and Vale Health Charity announced as sponsor for this year's Scout Post

BY: Nathan Spackman

The Scout Post is a scheme that offers the public of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan an opportunity to send Christmas cards at a fraction of the cost of other postal services - this year the cost is 30p a stamp.

Scout Post has been in operation for many years and was the ‘brainchild’ of a group in Roath.  For over thirty five years Scouting has been helping people during the Christmas period and delivering Christmas post. This activity is a great fundraising scheme and is a real community event.

Scout groups who are involved are given stamps to sell in their area that they deliver to, this is not always the area in which they do their Scouting.   Stamps are also sold by retail outlets and cards can also be posted in the same place. A full list of retailers can be found here:

Stamps are on sale from mid-October with the last posting date being 2nd December 2019. Behind the scenes teams of volunteers collect cards from retail outlets and take them back to Scout group headquarters for sorting.  There can be anything from 550,000 - 650,000 that are sorted and delivered.

The money raised from selling Scout stamps is used for activities during the following year. Scouting is run by volunteers so all activities and fundraising is done by its members. If you would like to get involved in a leadership role or support in the background such as helping with the Scout Post please get in touch through the website or call Cardiff and Vale Scouts Office on 0333 301 1907.

Simone Joslyn, Head of Arts and Health Charity said: “Cardiff & Vale Health Charity is delighted to be able to help support the Scout Post this year. 

“The Scout movement contributes so much to our local communities – it gives young people the chance to access everyday adventure, helping them to canoe, climb and camp for the first time.

“The Scouts regularly help in Our Orchard at University Hospital Llandough as part of their ongoing community initiative – this allows them access to a green space where they can focus on the impact on environmental change and sustainability.

“Adults who also volunteer with the Scouts also reap the benefits as it helps to develop personal and practical skills for life.

“By supporting the Scout Post and investing in young people and volunteers it helps us to reinforce our commitment to the wellbeing of future generations act.”

Julian Jordan, Area Commissioner for the Scouts in Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan said: “It’s been great to team up this year with the Health Charity, as both the Scouts and Health Charity have the shared goals of improving lives.  The Scouts via Skills for Life and the Health Charity via the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. The support of the Health Charity will enable Scouts to help more young people and adults develop essential Skills for Life.”

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