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Caretaker's House at Gladstone Primary School to be disposed of by Vale Council


The Vale of Glamorgan Council's Cabinet is set to consider disposing the former Caretaker's House at Gladstone Primary School in Barry.

A report being considered by Cabinet on Monday 11th January, seeks approval to formally declare the Caretaker's House at the school on Gladstone Road as a surplus asset and to sell the property via informal tender.

The house has been vacant since September 2018 and is no longer required to provide caretaker accommodation, with the no alternative Council uses being identified.


The funds generated would contribute to the delivery of the Council's 21st Century Schools band B programme - which works to improve 21st Century learning spaces across the County, with improvements to ICT facilities, specialist classrooms and outdoor learning facilities.

The proposal is expected to be approved by the Council's Cabinet on Monday 11th January.

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