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Castleland Community Centre Food Sharing and Distribution Programme, "FareShare" Returns


Castleland Community Centre's "FareShare" food sharing and distribution service is resuming from this week.

The project offers free food, courtesy of their food partners such as Tesco, Greggs and Lidl, to anyone who wants it in the community. As stated on their website, the idea is to make sure no food goes to waste, so everyone is welcome.

FareShare will be returning beginning this week at 2pm on Wednesdays only, with a number of changes in place to ensure that the process is safe for all involved.

Those who plan on using the service must wear a mask. Face coverings will be available at a cost for those who do not have access to their own. The programme will also now run at the rear of the building, with only one person allowed in at a time and those queuing asked to follow social distancing guidelines and remain 2 metres apart from one another.


The team working on FareShare have made it clear that they are aware that some may need this service now more than ever, and this, they say, is why they are taking every precaution to ensure people's safety.

You can find out more about the project on the Castleland Community Centre website, here.

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