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Cat stuck under a solar panelled roof in Dinas Powys rescued


A cat which became trapped high up on a roof under the solar panels of a Dinas Powys house has been rescued by the RSPCA and South Wales Fire & Rescue.

When local residents heard loud mewing coming from high up on the roof of the house next door, they wondered what was happening. When they saw a little tortoiseshell cat peeking out from under the solar panels of the Cherry Close house they couldn’t believe their eyes, and called the RSPCA for help.

RSPCA Inspector Darren Oakley said:  “This poor little cat urgently needed rescuing as we think she had been up there on the roof for some time, stuck under those solar panels.

“As the rescue would be taking place very high up – well over 20 feet – I definitely required expert assistance so I contacted South Wales Fire & Rescue for help.  They were brilliant; they were able to persuade the cat to move across to one side, before securing her and bringing her back down to ground level.

“Once she was safely down, I scanned her microchip, and discovered she lived very close by.  It was lucky I did, as Rocket – as we discovered she was called – then shot off.  But with the details from the microchip, it was easy to find Rocket’s owner’s house – and sure enough, when we arrived at the home, there was the little cat!”

Her owner was overjoyed to see Rocket and said that her rescue sounded like the kind of thing you’d see on TV! 

The rescue took place on 29 March 2021. 

To report concerns about an animal please contact the RSPCA’s helpline on 0300 1234 999.

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