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Charity Appeals For Help To Fundraise For Local People Impacted By The Pandemic


A leading youth charity is appealing to people to make a difference to the lives of local people who need it the most this winter.

The Youth Hostels Association (YHA) has launched a Christmas raffle with all proceeds going towards its "Project90" appeal. The money raised will fund respite breaks for young carers, key workers and families struggling in the wake of the pandemic.

With all of the United Kingdom now having experienced a second lockdown, some without access to a garden and many facing increasing financial hardship, the charity believe that the two-day restorative breaks are needed more than ever.

Raffle tickets cost £1.00 each with all proceeds being used to provide breaks and activities at YHA's network of youth hostels. Just £15 will fund a break for a low-income family, while £40 could pay for a night's stay for an NHS worker and their partner.

First prize in the raffle is £3,000 in addition to a number of runner-up cash prizes and outdoor equipment. Outdoor clothing and equipment retailer Cotswold Outdoors has donated all prizes the charity raffle. 

Lockdown has forced YHA to close the doors of its hostel network, not only impacting its fundraising efforts but also causing a 70 per cent drop in revenue in 2020 making it the worst year ever in the charity's 90-year history.


Charlie Simpson, Associate Director - Charity Development at YHA (England & Wales), said:

"2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year that has impacted many people, YHA included. But by entering the raffle, you'll help us continue to make a big difference in the lives of local people who need it the most."

The raffle closes on 14 December 2020. To help raise the much-needed funds for the Project90 breaks, people can purchase raffle tickets here.

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