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Colours of one: “Chemical Charm” – Review


Colours Of One have once again knocked it out of the park with their brand new single “Chemical Charm”. This Rock hit will get anybody on their feet and moving along, it’s that good of a single.

The instruments and the vocals go hand-in-hand and both work really well together. The blend of hard hitting Rock sounds, with gritty but also smooth vocals, really get to you and you just want to join in singing.

In a rare bit of criticism, I do have to say though that I feel like the reverb was overused a tad bit. At first I thought it was my headphones, but upon listening again with different headphones, I can say that they did use too much reverb/echo in certain parts of the song where it wasn’t needed, such as the verses. I also feel like the tempo doesn’t change, it’s the same or similar beat throughout, which, personally, I wouldn’t have done. A simple change in pace would have been nice, but that is me just being picky.

Overall the Colours Of One boys did great and I do strongly recommend this track as they never fail to impress. This track gets a solid 4.9/5 from me.

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