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Community Coffee & Cookies Business Owner In Need Of New Base


A local, speciality filter coffee and home-made cookie delivery service, Stol Coffee, is in desperate need of a new base in Penarth, so its owner, Peter, can continue focusing on his business and having a positive impact in the community.

Peter, the Founder of Stol Coffee, has been bringing members of the community together in a socially distanced way since the first lockdown when he found himself furloughed from his job. Determined to do more than "just sit at home", Peter took the brave decision to quit his job to set up Stol Coffee. Peter told Bro Radio:

"I was furloughed during the first lockdown and immediately felt like I can do more than just sit at home and take free money so I quit my job, took a leap of faith and built this little coffee business to be closer to the community and provide a service."

Peter cycles around Penarth on his blue cargo bike, delivering coffee and cookies to his customers, whether they be at home, at work or even in one of Penarth's lush, green parks. Describing his business on his website, Peter says:

"My name is Peter. I deliver speciality grade, seasonal, fresh filter coffee and home-made cookies to your door, garden, playground, park, office.
I hunt for meaningful conversations.

"It is not about splitting an atom. It is about all the little things we can do every day to feel better and live more. It is about those little conversations with people we deeply care about. Creating and strengthening meaningful relationships, bringing community together, staying positive. Together is better."

The philanthropically-minded business owner has also set up community meet-ups which he calls "Together is Better". Peter explained the concept to Bro Radio:

"I encourage people to go for a little walk, come to the park for a chat and a coffee and go back. The idea is that you do not need to buy anything. I just want people to have more safe, socially distant social interactions as with the restrictions, mental health suffers.

 "A lot of my work is focusing on staying positive and spreading some good vibes around Penarth."


Unfortunately, Stol Coffee is in dire need of a new base where Peter can store his bike, bake cookies and brew coffee for his customers. In a recent post on the business' Facebook account, Peter explained:

"So I really want to underline this... people in Penarth are absolutely wonderful. I’ve met so many willing to help with this garage situation. Unfortunately, so far we haven’t been able to find a space which would have water and electricity where I can store the bike, brew the coffee and bake cookies from. I don’t need much but it has to be somewhere around Penarth."

The post continued:

"I know that there is a space out there we just need to reach the right person! It’s been a wonderful journey for the last seven months creating loads of smiles and I feel like I have some positive impact in this lovely community and I do not want this journey to be over. I’ve got three weeks to find something after that it is game over... spread the word one more time if you can..."

Peter told Bro Radio of his limited requirements for a new base:

"It has to be in Penarth and I need access to water and electricity so I can brew coffee from there and store the bike but other than I don't need much."

You can find Stol Coffee on Facebook, here. You can also find the business' website, here.

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