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Community Councillor says Cardiff Road accident was a “long time coming”


A local Plaid Cymru Community Councillor in Dinas Powys has said “the Vale Council were told that an accident would occur” following an incident with a bus and car on Cardiff Road last Friday.

Councillor Chris Franks, said the incident was a long time coming and that “the Vale Council were told that an accident would occur”

Despite repeated warnings that the junction of Cross Common Road and the main road [A4055] through Dinas Powys was dangerous, the Community Councillor has said that the Vale of Glamorgan Council ignored residents concerns.

His comments come, after a collision between a bus and car at the junction, which led to the road being blocked as a result, for hours on Friday 28th May during the busy rush hour period.

Plaid Cymru Community Councillor Chris Franks said, “Many locals avoid using this junction due to the dangers. Traffic speeds down the hill from the station direction. However, the road layout is of a very poor standard.”

Plaid wants to know why the the Vale Council refused to respond to the public’s concern. The council must now urgently undertake the necessary work to make this junction safe.

We checked with the passengers who said that they and the driver were not hurt. We don’t have information about the car driver.

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