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Community Group Set Up For Covid Christmas Gains Thousands Of Members In 48 Hours


A Facebook group designed to help families struggling with gifts and set up in the wake of yesterday's Coronavirus announcements has gained over 2,000 members in a mere 48 hours.

The group, "Vale Of Glamorgan Christmas community helping hand", was set up by Rachel Baron Cahill in response to the announcements made by the Welsh Government regarding Covid-19 and Christmas this year.

Wales is now in a national lockdown, imposed at midnight on the night of Saturday 19th December, and this will only be lifted for Christmas day itself, instead of the originally planned 5-day festive period.

Rachel, the founder of the Facebook group, told Bro Radio that, following the announcement, she wanted to help individuals and families adversely affected by the hastily decided restrictions:

"After thinking over and over in my head on how this must affect families in different ways, I decided to set up a Facebook page to help post items of no longer needed gives clothes etc for other families who could benefit from these."

The group immediately gained traction in the community, amassing over 2,000 members in just 48 hours, with generous residents of the Vale of Glamorgan offering up items, toys and gifts for those in need. Other, more abstract but equally important offers have included things such as simple conversation and advice on how to create gifts at home.


In a recent post on the group, founder, Rachel said:

"This group was set up to help families who will now struggle to make there children's Christmas special, someone always knows someone who is looking for some help and won’t ask."

You can find the group on Facebook, here.

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