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Community Group’s Campaign To See Penarth Town Centre Thrive


Penarth Unlocked, a community group, are campaigning to find ways to support the town centre and help it thrive in “people-centered ways” in the post-Covid era.

The group have set up a survey for residents and locals to complete to share their views on the future of the town centre, saying in a post on their survey:

“We are calling for a town centre in Penarth that is safe, alive and a joyful place for people to spend time – prioritising space for social distancing with clean healthy air to breathe. Creating safe spaces in Penarth will benefit residents, visitors and local businesses. We have a chance in this moment of COVID recovery to show Penarth Town Council and The Vale of Glamorgan Council what we as local people would like to see happening in the area around Windsor Road and Lower Glebe Street.”

Bro Radio asked Penarth Unlocked about why they felt now was the best time to put this plan into action:

“At any time, opening up high streets in ways which tilt them towards pedestrians and away from traffic is good for business, for community relations, and for the quality of the air we breathe.  At a time of climate emergency, it’s all the more important.  But it’s the need to build back better after Covid that really brings the urgency home.  It’s an opportunity to think of our town centre in a 21st-century way, while making the most of what makes it such a valuable resource for the local community, and so distinctly visitable for those from elsewhere.”

Speaking to Bro, Penarth Unlocked said that it is common knowledge that the high street has been struggling for some time, but people are beginning to see them in a new light:

“Local high streets have been under threat for some time, as we all know.  But there’s a lot of evidence that people are coming to value them anew.  We’re becoming more conscious of the need to support independent traders and local producers – and to rediscover the value of thriving public spaces on our doorsteps.  Places like Penarth are in a privileged position to lead in exploring how the town centres of the future can flourish.”

You can find the group on all forms of social media by searching @penarthunlocked and their survey regarding the future of Penarth town centre, here.

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