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Community Organisation Set Up Online Gig To Support Welsh Music


A Welsh non-profit, community-based organisation, Stormz Community For Musical Arts, have set up a streaming page and special performance on Facebook to support live music in the country, with the mission statement "KEEP WALES aLIVE".

The group are aiming to support the struggling creative industry, which has been amongst the hardest hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep Wales aLive Project Manager, David McSparron, told Bro Radio he wasn't entirely surprised by the number of responses the page received upon launch. He said:

“The response was great, but considering the current climate for musicians it also wasn’t surprising. I feel that we can really make a difference with this project, and there is clearly a need for it as I know so many musicians are struggling and this opportunity to perform and promote themselves can really improve their personal wellbeing.”

The inaugural event will take place on the 17th November, with a group of some of Wales' finest artists selected to perform.

Musician, Bryony Sier, is one of the selected acts and when asked about how the pandemic has affected her she said:


“The pandemic has affected my way of living and it's been especially hard for musicians in the creative arts sector, as we're not able to tour, promote our music to an audience or travel anywhere. I was planning on going back to the studio to record some new songs, but that has also been put on hold for now. The pandemic has also affected my mental health, because gigging got me out of the house and interacting with others. It was the only time I was properly going out into the world and mixing. So, it's affected me in a lot of different ways.”

Joining Bryony Sier will be fellow Singer-Songwriter, Big Bear Social Club, playing alongside bands COACHES & Eulogy, together with the founders Country Stormz at the event that will be streamed on the 17th of November.

The organisers have told Bro Radio that they are keen to hear from Welsh-speaking artists, BAME artists and those with mixed abilities for their next show. Their one aim to give everyone a chance to gig again while promoting fun and well-being through music.

You can find the KEEP WALES aLIVE Facebook page here.

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