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Cosmeston Rangers Spruce Up Country Park For Spring


The Rangers at Cosmeston Country Park have been busy at the country park over the past few weeks, planting trees, installing picnic benches and resurfacing footpaths for visitors.

The news was shared by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the improvements to the space have been met with a positive response from residents of the Vale.

Work completed at the park included planting 14 Oak, Cherry, Crab Apple and Silver Birch trees along the back edge of the carpark. These trees are to replace trees that were recently removed due to Ash Die Back.

Additionally, footpath resurfacing works have been taking place around the East Lake, with more planned by the end of March.

Also included in the Spring spruce-up of the country park includes the installation of new, accessible and eco-friendly picnic benches made from recycled plastic and with an extended table edge to provide full wheelchair accessibility.


One local who commented on the Council’s social media post said of the news:

“Happy we have been able to walk here through lockdown. Lucky to live in such an awesome place.”

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