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Cosmeston’s New Picnic Benches Damaged Due To Recent Anti-Social Behaviour


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has released images showing the considerable damage done to the, recently-installed, picnic benches at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park.

The images of the damage, caused by improperly used, disposable barbecues, join those of litter left behind at both Cardiff Bay and Barry Island as disappointing further evidence of the need to tackle the rise in anti-social behaviour since lockdown measures were eased in Wales.

In a statement shared on social media, the Vale Council said:

“We all love a trip to the park in the sun, but unfortunately over the last few days we have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park which has resulted in damage to areas of the park.

“A number of disposable BBQs were not placed on safe surfaces or properly extinguished resulting in burns to grass, picnic benches and bins, including our new accessible picnic benches which were only installed in recent weeks.”

The Council also shared a list of rules for residents to remember when visiting the park:

  • Open fires are not permitted anywhere in the country park
  • Cyclists are reminded to only use cycle paths or bridleways
  • Litter should be placed in the bins provided or taken home
  • Swimming in the lakes is prohibited
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited within the park

Residents of the county have reacted with shock and anger at the damage caused, with one saying:

“I just can’t understand people! Locked up for months and then when we’re allowed out they trash our beautiful world! It makes me so cross seeing these pictures and others from the beaches that have been trashed.”

The new, accessible picnic benches were recently installed at the Country Park as part of recent upgrades and work done at the beauty spot.

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