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Council urged to remove parking restrictions in Penarth Town Centre.


Business owners in Penarth have been urging the Vale of Glamorgan Council to remove parking restrictive traffic cones on Glebe St after claims it’s affecting their custom. 

The cones were put in place to implement social distancing in the town centre, but with businesses already having to adapt to a new normal it seems to have done more harm than good.  

Shaun Lush, who works for David Lush Butchers, said: “They [the council] started making changes to the street around 2 weeks ago by placing traffic cones and one-way system signs for pedestrians, then a week later metal bollards were installed in the street too. 

“They’ve made the pavements wider and taken away the parking spaces. 

“Outside our shop is a designated loading bay – it's making it difficult to get deliveries. 

Mr Lush also explained the impact it’s having on his custom: 

“From the moment these cones were in place, it was almost immediate. 

“It’s really hit us.” 

An online petition to remove the restrictions has been set up with over 600 signatures from angry residents and business owners.  

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “It’s caused absolute chaos. 

“People won’t bother coming to the town if they can’t park.”  

A spokesperson for Penarth Town Council said: “Penarth Town Council has been listening to local stakeholders and advocating for the public health of the community and Penarth’s economic resilience in these unprecedented circumstances.  

Members will shortly be releasing summary proposals for wider discussion, with a view to protecting the health of Penarth’s residents and visitors, and allowing its local economy to thrive.” 

Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet member for Education and Regeneration, Cllr Lis Burnett, said: "The safety of shoppers visiting town centres in the Vale is our number one priority and so measures designed to promote social distancing and protect people have been introduced in these locations.

"This has involved removing some parking bays in order to create more safe space for pedestrians at pinch points in the towns.

"The measures implemented were based on social distancing guidance provided by the Welsh Government and discussion with representatives of traders' groups and Town Councils.

"The new more stream-lined fixed bollards are less overpowering in the street scene and after the most recent review the number of parking bays affected has been reduced to specific pinch points.

"We continue to meet with Town Councils and business representatives and will regularly review the measures to ensure they reflect the changing situation in our shopping centres.

"In this way we hope to support local businesses while encouraging shoppers to return with confidence to town centres."

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