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Councillors ‘speaking drivel’ and ‘full of s**t’ according to official minutes


Councillors were accused of “speaking drivel” and being “full of s**t” according to the minutes from a Sully and Lavernock community council meeting.

The recently published official minutes show the depth of the rancour at Sully and Lavernock community council in the Vale of Glamorgan.

In a meeting held in September, the minute-taker detailed the insults councillors hurled at each other over Zoom, shortly before the meeting finished at 9.13pm.

The minute-taker wrote: “There was a general discussion which is not worth minuting. Some councillors were said to be speaking drivel.

“Others were said to be so full of s**t they would be well qualified to empty dog poo bins.

“A councillor was said to be a pain in the backside. One councillor was asked why he was always so angry.

“In short, it was not a productive use of time!”

Elsewhere during the meeting, the minutes reveal how a shoebox of cheques disappeared and one councillor was asked to resign after a vote of no confidence.


The shoebox contained cheques and paying-in stubs, but after it couldn’t be found, one councillor suggested contacting the police.

The minute-taker wrote: “Christopher asks Ian where a shoebox of cheques and paying-in stubs have gone. He has searched for them twice. Other councillors have also searched. Where are they?

“There was some discussion about when the shoebox was last seen, where it was seen, who had access to the office. Ian suggests getting the clerk to search the office or referring the matter to the police.”

Later one councillor lost a vote of confidence and was asked to resign but refused.

The minute-taker wrote: “Ian Barlow leaves the meeting at 8.07pm preceding a vote of no confidence and a motion asking for resignation.

“Ian declares an interest and states: ‘I was elected by hundreds of people and have no intention of resigning. I will now leave the meeting and see you in October.’”

The chairman, the council and councillors were approached for comment.

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