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Cross-party group of Senedd Members back East Aberthaw speed campaign

  From left to right - resident Alison Hughes, Heledd Fychan MS (Plaid Cymru), Andrew RT Davies MS & Councillor for Rhoose ward (Conservatives), Jane Hutt MS (Labour) and Gordon Kemp, Councillor for Rhoose (Conservatives) and resident Bob Dickens.

A group of cross-party Senedd Members and Vale of Glamorgan Councillors have backed a campaign against excessive speeding in East Aberthaw.

On Wednesday 7th July, politicians met with more than 30 local residents, who said that speeding and dangerous driving have reached unbearable levels in the village, warning that it was only a matter of time before somebody was killed or seriously injured.

The meeting followed the Welsh Government revealing details of it plans to reduce the national speed limit on residential roads from 30mph to 20, with near-by St Brides Major being selected as one of eight trial locations.

The Vale of Glamorgan MS, Jane Hutt (Labour), acknowledged the specific problems in the village and pledged to work with the residents to alleviate them.

Heledd Fychan MS for South Wales Central (Plaid Cymru) echoed Jane Hutt’s sentiments and vowed to also support the villagers of East Aberthaw in their campaign.


Fellow South Wales Central MS, Andrew RT Davies (Conservative), who is also the Councillor for Rhoose ward, said that the village needed a 20 mile per hour speed limit sooner rather than later, alongside proper speed enforcement. While Councillor Gordon Kemp (Conservative), also of Rhoose ward, referenced previous speeding campaigns in the village and the need for action to be taken this time.

Amongst the solutions were traffic calming measures, a road crossing for the middle of the village and a pavement for Station Terrace, which currently doesn’t have one and means that residents must walk on the road alongside traffic.

East Aberthaw resident, Bob Dickens, said: “Speeding and traffic through this village have increased exponentially over the past decade. The former big village of Rhoose is now a small town due to the expansion of Rhoose Point. More houses mean more people. And more people mean more traffic. That has led to this village being nothing more than a rat run between Rhoose and the B4265.”

Representatives from South Wales Police attended the meeting and promised to gather data from speed monitoring exercises.

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