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Demolition Begins At Old Whitmore High Building


The demolition of the old Whitmore High School building has begun, it has been revealed by Morgan Sindall, the construction group in charge of the project.

Students moved across to their brand new, state-of-the-art £30.5 million school building last Thursday and now work can begin to raze their former home to the ground.

In a post on social media sharing the images of their progress, the company behind the construction of the new school build and, additionally, the demolition of the old building, said:

“We’re well under way with the demolition. The soft strip of the Science Labs, DT rooms and Drama class is looking good.”

The new building, which was completed ahead of schedule, accommodates 1,100 pupils and sees teaching space spread across three storeys, with 70 general classrooms and two drama studios within the 11,000-meter square site. 

Speaking to Bro Radio about the project, Steve Langford, Project Director for Morgan Sindall said that the company’s focus was always on the students:

“It was all around the pupils, really, and the learning experience. The current building is fragmented – in some places you’ve got to walk outdoors and the pupils have to walk in the rain sometimes to their classes – whereas here, it’s all under one roof – the teachers have to walk very short distances to their class, the pupils end up going round in a circle, which has also helped with Covid as they’ve got one-way systems and larger corridors, so it’s all been focused around the pupils and the delivery of classes.”

You can follow the progress of Morgan Sindall at Whitmore High School on Twitter, here.

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