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Dinas Powys FC take over responsibility of at the Murchfield


Dinas Powys FC have announced that they have taken over the responsibility of ground maintenance at the Murchfield.

In a statement shared on social on media, the club said “We are pleased to announce that after months of negotiation, the Vale of Glamorgan Council have handed over the responsibility of ground maintenance at the Murchfield to the football club.”

Within the statement, the club confirmed that Willows Property Services LTD, who specialise in sports ground maintenance have agreed to enter into a partnership with the club to carry out the work. The companies owner Rhodri Foote is a former Dinas Powys FC 1st Team Manager and player will lead on the maintenance.

A spokesperson for the club said “This is another important part in the transition at the ground as we look forward to playing in the new Ardal Southern League, and look forward to a huge improvement in the playing surface.”

“We would like to thank the Vale of Glamorgan for all their assistance on making this happen and look forward to a long term relationship with Willows Property Services LTD.”

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