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Dinosaur footprints in Penarth investigated by museum

  The Dracoraptor hanigani was discovered on the beach in 2014.

Researchers from the National History Museum are investigating newly revealed "footprints" thought to be Wales' latest dinosaur find.

The "footprints" are imprinted on rock at the beach in Penarth, where previous prehistoric finds have been discovered including that of a distant cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex back in 2014.

If confirmed, researchers from the Natural History Museum say the discovery would be "really, really exciting".

The prints are embedded into a section of rock, previously thought to contain other fossilised tracks of a prehistoric creature.

The process for confirming their provenance will centre on several factors for researchers from the museum, including their regularity, stride pattern and the geological area in which they were found.


Uncovering evidence of prehistoric life around the cliffs in the Vale of Glamorgan is not necessarily a surprise.

Similar areas with footprints have already been verified further down the coast, near Barry and Porthcawl.

And in 2014, Wales' fossil-hunting community was treated to the discovery of Wales' first theropod skeleton at Lavernock Point by brothers Nick and Rob Hanigan.

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