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Dinosaurs at Fonmon destroyed by youths


Model dinosaurs from Step through time at Fonmon Castle, have been "smashed beyond repair" by local youths overnight.

In a post on social media on Bank Holiday Monday, Fonmon Castle appealed to residents of Penmark, Fonmon and Rhoose to find the culprits.

Speaking to Bro Radio, a spokesperson for Fonmon Castle said "On the evening of the 30th august. Several youths were seen walking through the dinosaur park, they were last seen in the valley below the castle."

"When we competed our inspections, we found two of our unique dinosaurs have been completely destroyed."


"The sad thing for us is that because the youths walked into the site , they possibly could be locals.It is a double sadness as these T-Rex were part of a family of T-Rexs, the only display like it in the country."

Opened in July Step through time is a new development by the owners of Fonmon Castle, which is designed to get families outside and into the wild to experience historical, interactive fun in a wild and rural environment.

The owners are asking any local residents who may have any information, to get intouch via the Fonmon Caslte Facebook Page.

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One comment on “Dinosaurs at Fonmon destroyed by youths”

  1. O soo Sad we were there Sunday with our Daughter and 2 Grandsons what is wrong with young people these days so Sad I hope you catch them and make them pay or the parents, it was our first time there we Loved it such a beautiful place , food lovely I had a lovely salad for 50p we will be back , sending you all good wishes and better luck for the future

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