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Drive-in cinema coming to Sully Sports and Social Club


A drive-in cinema has arrived at Sully Sports and Social Club this week, showing classic films until Sunday including Jaws, Toy Story, Back to the Future and the Lion King.

@TheDriveIn, is holding ten shows from Wednesday 2nd September until Sunday 6th September, with a family-friendly afternoon screening and a late night viewing each day.

On Saturday, there will be special comedy performances including Alex Farrow and Morgan Rees before the film screening.

Despite many events being cancelled due to coronavirus, visitors staying in their cars will help aid in social distancing, with food and snacks available to order via a mobile app - with waiters bringing your order to a drop off point near your car.

Visitors simply need to drive in, pull up, tune in their radio to get the best in car sound.

To book tickets at £35 per vehicle and find out more visit:

Full list of @TheDriveIn screenings:


Wednesday, September 2

  • Back to the Future (PG, 1985), 2pm
  • Jaws (12A, 1975), 6pm

Thursday,September 3

  • Mean Girls (12+, 2004), 2pm
  • Grease (PG, 1978), 6pm

Friday,September 4

  • Grease Singalong (PG, 1978), 2pm
  • Back to the Future (PG, 1985), 6pm

Saturday,September 5

  • Toy Story (PG, 1995), 2pm
  • Joker (15+, 2019), 6pm

Sunday,September 6

  • The Lion King (PG, 1994), 2pm
  • A Star is Born (15+, 2018), 6pm

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