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Driveway demands "unacceptable" says Vale Councillors


Conservative councillors Vince Bailey and Leighton Rowlands have backed residents in the Colcot area, after the Vale Council told them they would have to pay to continue using their driveways which residents installed, without dropped kerbs.

The Council has written to the homeowners affected, asking then to pay for the works to be carried out. If they choose not to have a drop kerb installed, they could be prohibited from using their driveways.

The councillors said it was unfair residents should have to foot the bill for a “legacy issue” that the Council should have rectified when the homes were built. 

They also warned it would lead to a significant increase in on street parking, which would create road safety issues in an area with limited capacity. 

Cllr Vince Bailey said, “This is an unfair policy that if implemented will increase parking problems in the area. The Council should be encouraging people to park on their driveways, not penalising them for doing so.

“There is very little on street parking available, and when all residents park on the street it creates a number of hazards. Emergency service vehicles struggle to get through and so do refuse collections."


A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: “Scheduled highway inspections have identified instances where people have been driving onto the kerb and over pavements to access their driveways.

“In such cases, letters have been sent to residents advising them of the issue.

“Under the Highways Act, such a practice is not allowed unless a properly-constructed dropped kerb which can support vehicles has been installed. If this is not in place, pavements can sustain damage and require repairs.

“The Council has asked properties that do not have properly constructed vehicular access to their driveways to pay for the necessary adaptation work. Anyone having difficulty finding the funds should contact the Council to discuss the matter.”

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