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E-scooters seized during police operation in Penarth and Cardiff Bay


28 e-scooters have been seized during a police operation in Penarth and Cardiff Bay, acting on community concerns.

The seizures were made during a four week operations, which launched following concerns from local residents and Councillors about an increase in anti-social use of the scooters.

Incidents during the operation have included speeding on roads, near misses with pedestrians and involvement in suspected drug dealing.

Of the 28 e scooter seized, 6 were seized under section 165 of the Road traffic act. The owners wee unable to provide correct documentation in relation to proof of ownership, driving license and insurance.

22 were returned with an information pack to educate on the legal use of E scooters.

Since the operation, Police say “There has been a noticeable reduction in calls and incidents involving e scooters.”

Whilst the operation has ended, neighbourhood policing teams will continue to educate users and enforce were necessary.

E scooters fall within the legal definition of a “motor vehicle”, therefore the laws that apply to motors vehicles also apply to them under the laws of the Road Traffic Act 1998.

Users are reminded by Police that they are illegal to use on the road and in spaces that are set aside for use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders; this includes on pavements and cylce lanes.

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