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Environmental Charity To Give Away Free Garden Packages To “Give Nature A Helping Hand”


The environmental charity, Keep Wales Tidy, is giving away hundreds of free garden packages to communities across the country in a move that they believe will “give nature a helping hand”.

This isn’t the first time the group has done something like this, creating and restoring more than 500 gardens last year as part of the Local Places For Nature initiative, with community groups and organizations of all shapes and sizes getting involved, including disability charities, youth groups and more.

Applications have now reopened for 2021 and communities are being urged by the group to get involved early to avoid missing out. Different types of packages are available to suit spaces of all shapes and sizes, and those who apply can choose from small-scale fruit and herb, pollinator and urban gardens, or larger-scale wildlife and food growing gardens.

The initiative is part of the wider Welsh Government ‘Local Places for Nature’ fund committed to creating, restoring and enhancing nature ‘on your doorstep’.

Deputy Chief Executive for Keep Wales Tidy Louise Tambini said: 

“Over the past year, more people than ever have come to appreciate the value of nature on their doorstep. But urgent action must be taken to give reverse its decline. That’s why we’re so excited to reopen applications for Local Places for Nature.  

“Thanks to the ongoing support of Welsh Government and our partners, hundreds of new gardens will be taking shape across the country over the next few months.” 

Minister for Climate Change Julie James said:  

“The pandemic has given us all a greater appreciation of nature and the way in which it underpins our health, economy and wider wellbeing. 

“The environment will be at the heart of our new government’s decision making, so I am delighted that we can continue to support our communities to do their bit to help out our plants, birds and pollinators across Wales. I encourage you to get together to take advantage of this funding so you can give nature a helping hand.” 

Hundreds of free garden packages are available. To apply, visit the Keep Wales Tidy website  


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