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Extra Police Patrols In Penarth This Weekend To Curb Anti-Social Behaviour


South Wales Police for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan have informed the public that there will be extra patrols in the Penarth area this weekend in an effort to prevent a repeat of anti-social behaviour previously experienced in the town.

A number of incidents occurred last weekend in areas around Penarth Town Centre and within the grounds of the Kymin, just off the Esplanade.

The anti-social behaviour consisted of large groups of youths throwing fireworks, participating in underage drinking and getting involved in physical altercations with one another and a Police Officer.

South Wales Police for Cardiff and the Vale released a statement on their social media pages to make the public aware that an operation is planned for this weekend to prevent a recurrence of such behaviour.

In their statement the service explained:

"Three youths were arrested for various offences including being drunk and disorderly, assaulting a police officer and public order.

"Clearly such behaviour is unacceptable and parents are urged to check where their children are at night and what they are doing.

"The vast majority of young people in the area are well-behaved and respectful but unfortunately a minority are causing issues."

The statement continued:


"Additional officers will be on patrol this weekend and the force’s CCTV van also be used as a deterrent.

"British Transport Police - Wales are supporting the operation as it is believed some of those involved are travelling into Penarth by train.

"School liaison officers are also attending secondary schools to provide a lesson on the dangers of fireworks and to educate pupils on what they can expect if they are found to be committing anti-social behaviour."

The police concluded their message with an affirmation of the town's wider character and a plea for residents to come together and make an effort to help Penarth retain its positive image, saying:

"Penarth is a safe and pleasant place to work, live and socialise, let’s all keep it that way."

If you witness an incident occurring, report it to the police, either online:, via email: or call: 101 (free)

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