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Final Flood Relief Donations Distributed In Sully With Over £10K Given In Total


The final portion of funds raised for victims of the flooding in Sully have been distributed with the total funds raised for the cause surpassing £10,000.

The majority of the Vale of Glamorgan felt the effects of an extended period of heavy rain on the 23rd December last year, with residents of Dinas Powys and Sully bearing the brunt of the flooding as water made its way into homes and other buildings.

Sully resident and administrator of the Sully Village Group Facebook page, Hannah Bevan-Mohaffel set up a JustGiving page accepting donations for those in Sully who had suffered damage to their properties during the flooding.

Now, in a post on the Sully Village Group Facebook page, Hannah has revealed that the final payment has been made to those in need, and broken down the full distribution of funds raised:

"Today we sent out the final payment from the Flood Funds we raised.

"Just Giving donations:

  • Just giving 1st payment £7809.57
  • Just giving 2nd payment £523.59
  • Just giving 3rd payment £38.34

"Donations outside of Just Giving:

  • Barry rotary club £250.00 cheque
  • Sully cricket £200 directly into SVG bank account
  • Dinas powys rotary club £250 directly into SVG bank account
  • SVG £1000.00

"Donations total: £10071.50


"There were 12 beneficiaries who applied for the fund and they each had a total of £839.28 broken down as follows:

  • 1st payment £250
  • 2nd payment £504.96
  • 3rd payment 84.32"

Hannah went on to thank those who contributed to the fund adding:

"I know these payments have brought comfort during very difficult times. They may not have been enough to pay off the considerable costs faced by those worst affected but they certainly helped."

The fundraiser has now been closed.

You can find the Sully Village Group Facebook page, here.

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