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First Look: Renovations At Penarth’s Turner House Art Gallery


The Turner House, an art gallery in Penarth, has shared pictures of their newly renovated space, ahead of a return of visitors.

Management of the gallery was taken over by Penarth Town Council in 2019 and since then, the art gallery has undergone work to update its visual style and upgrade both its interior and exterior.

Images shared by the gallery on their social media pages show a clean and welcoming space with areas commemorating its history, a reading and workshops space and a small auditorium along with a first-floor and ground-floor gallery.

The Turner House was built in 1888 by Mr Pyke Thompson with the sole intention of creating a space to share his art collection with the community to inspire and encourage locals to be creative.

Cardiff-based, independent, graphic design and branding studio, John and Jane worked on the branding for the Turner House towards the latter end of 2020. The business said of their work:

“We already had so much to work with when starting to think about the new brand and design style for The Turner House but we always begin our process with research and strategy.”

John and Jane continued:

“We created a design style that works alone and in collaboration, to compliment and highlight each artist and event, making sure it still feels consistent and reminiscent of The Turner House.

“The Turner House aims to improve the quality of life for everyone involved. We are happy to have collaborated with a team with such a genuine desire to brighten all our lives with creativity and art.”

The art gallery will be holding a BFG exhibition running from the 9th to the 31st of May. The show has been curated by long-time Roald Dahl Illustrator, Quentin Blake, and will feature artwork not featured in the original run of the book, as well as reproductions of the classic artwork depicting Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant.

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