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First Minister to launch five-year plan for stronger, greener, fairer Wales


The First Minister will today launch his Programme for Government – in what is being called an ambitious plan to build a stronger, greener, fairer Wales for everyone.

The plans set out the Welsh Government’s key commitments for the next five years to improve the lives of people across Wales.

It puts the environment and tackling climate change at the heart of everything the Welsh Government does.

The Programme for Government highlights a series of cross-cutting commitments together with the Welsh Government’s wellbeing objectives, including:

  • Prioritising investment in mental health
  • Paying care workers the real living wage
  • Delivering the Young Person’s Guarantee – giving everyone under 25 the offer of work, education, training, or self-employment
  • Creating a National Forest, which will extend from North to South Wales.
  • Introducing a Clean Air Act and banning more single-use plastics
  • Building 20,000 new, low-carbon social homes for rent.

First Minister Mark Drakeford will say:


“We will build a fairer, greener and stronger Wales in which everyone has plays a part – we don’t want anyone to be left behind or held back.

“Our Programme for Government is an ambitious and radical plan which sets out how we will move Wales forward, focusing on what matters to people and where we can make the greatest difference to people and communities.

“People in Wales look after each other and this programme is built on that principle.”

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