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First Minister to review local lockdown restrictions for people living alone

  First Minister Mark Drakeford announces the new changes to lockdown restrictions in Wales

Local lockdown restrictions will be changed to support people living alone, the Welsh Government has said.

In today’s 21 day coronavirus regulation review, First Minister Mark Drakeford is not expected to make major changes to Wales’ national coronavirus rules, as cases of the virus continue to rise.

However, in recognition of the emotional toll the virus can have on people living alone, the First Minister will make a change to local rules to support single parents and those living on their own in local lockdown areas.

The changes come after concerns about the welfare of people living alone.

Welsh Conservatives have led the call for changes to these rules, and as recently as Monday, Mr Davies said that he hoped the First Minister would do: “... the humane thing, the compassionate thing, and look at ways of helping to identify and then ease the stresses and isolation of people on their own during lockdown”.


He added: “The lockdowns have been a long haul, and we’re not through it yet, so while I welcome this decision, the importance of longer-term solutions to the issue of isolation and the effect it can have on a person’s mental health cannot be overestimated.”

It comes as local lockdowns areas now cover 2.3 million people living in

Local lockdown areas now cover 2.3 million people living in 16 different areas in north and south Wales - a majority of the country's population.

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