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Fisherman rescued from sea off Porthcawl

23rd November 2021

A fisherman has been rescued after he fell into the sea off Porthcawl.

Three lifeboats and the coastguard helicopter were called out to Scarweather Sands at around 1.10pm on Monday afternoon (22nd November)

An RNLI coxswain said the fisherman was a ''very lucky guy'', after spending nearly an hour in the water.

RNLI / Ben Billingham

The man had been working on deck when a ''rogue rope'' had taken him over the side of his boat, just as he was getting into his lifejacket and waterproofs.

He managed to get hold of one of his own marker buoys and call for help using his waterproof mobile phone to call 999.

Both lifeboats based at Porthcawl - the Atlantic 85 and the relief D Class - were called out along with the Mumbles lifeboat, the Coastguard helicopter and the coastguards from Porthcawl and Port Talbot.

The helicopter spotted the man near Scarweather Sands, around five-and-a-half nautical miles west of Porthcawl.

He was quickly pulled from the water onto the Atlantic 85 lifeboat, before a paramedic was lowered from the helicopter.

Porthcawl RNLI

The fisherman was transferred to the Mumbles all weather lifeboat and immediately taken ashore to the station.

The rescue was the first shout for Josh Stewart, the newly qualified volunteer coxswain based at The Mumbles.

He said the rescued fisherman ''was very well prepared for safety at sea''.

''He carried a personal locator beacon in his life jacket, but unfortunately was pulled over the side while dressing. Again, his quick thinking of carrying a waterproof mobile phone definitely saved him.''

''His boat was still under power and came ashore on the beach at Rest Bay, Porthcawl.''

''He’d been in the water for nearly an hour when he was picked up. His body temperature was very low when he came onboard Mumbles Lifeboat and he was shaking considerably. He’s a very lucky guy.''

The fisherman's boat was recovered from Rest Bay by the crew on the Porthcawl D Class lifeboat and placed safely alongside the pontoons in the marina.

Phil Missen MBE, the lifeboat operations manager at Porthcawl said: ''a man's life was definitely saved today through the great teamwork and multi agency response of all those involved.''

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