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Five Dogs Stolen From Vale Farm Overnight


South Wales Police for the Vale of Glamorgan have released a statement on their social media, confirming that five dogs were stolen from a farm in Marcross on Tuesday.

In their statement, South Wales Police confirmed that they received a report on the 2nd February that five dogs, including three black and tan Welsh Terriers - two puppies, one of which is only 3 weeks old, and one adult - a black and tan Daschund and a golden Cocker Spaniel, were stolen from the farm in Marcross just after midnight.

The dogs were housed in a kennel and the locks were cut off to gain access. The locks were also cut off a farm gate and the cattle were allowed to escape.

Chief Inspector for the Vale of Glamorgan, Tony Williams expanded on this issue on Wednesday evening's The Vale This Week on Bro Radio. Speaking to Dan and Matt, the Chief Inspector said:

"We believe the method used is a sort of distraction - they let cattle out to distract and to create a diversion and then, obviously, steal the dogs.

"Not only is this devastating for that particular victim, but also it's a crime that's on the increase in South Wales and mirrors the national picture, and we anticipated it would only be a matter of time before it came to the Vale of Glamorgan.

"So, again, from a preventative perspective, if owners can make sure that all the dogs are chipped, that they own and they've got numerous photos etc, just to assist and aid with any investigation if that did happen, but, obviously, do all you can to prevent this type of crime happening, certainly in remote farms and remote locations."


Cheif Inspector Tony Williams continued:

"If anybody has got any information on this particular crime, which, again, occurred overnight, Monday into Tuesday in Marcross, if they could ring 101 and quote 37905, we would be extremely grateful.

"We are working with our partners to make sure we try and mitigate against this crime happening again."

You can listen back to The Vale This Week to hear Chief Inspector Tony Williams' comments in full on

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