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Further delays expected for road users on Five Mile Lane and Weycock Cross


Contractors for Welsh Water are set to return to complete work on the Five Mile Lane from Monday 14th June for three weeks, after the work was delayed “due to the bad weather conditions” in May.

The previous traffic management on Five Mile lane was removed around 28th May, but will now return on Monday 14th June for approximately three weeks for contractors to complete the last section of work.

During the period, two-way traffic lights will be in place, which previously caused delays for road users on the Five Mile Lane and onto the Weycock Cross Roundabout.

In a statement, Welsh Water said “We’ll be working with MMB to help us get the work done. They’ll be working Monday to Friday between 7am & 6pm. However they may need to work outside these hours to get the work done as quickly as possible.”

You can find out more about work by Welsh Water in your area via

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