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GlastonBarry postponed until 2022


GlastonBARRY music festival has been postponed until 2022.

In a statement released on social media on Monday, a spokesperson said ‘Thank you for your patience and understanding during these very challenging times. We have been truly overwhelmed by the messages of support we have received to date from so many of you.’

‘We understand the frustration at not knowing whether the festival will be going ahead this year, but as you will appreciate, we have been awaiting information from both the Welsh Government and local authority, to see where we stand for the summer. We now have a clearer picture of the Welsh Government’s position on the pandemic, and are able to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, we feel we have no option but to postpone GlastonBARRY until July 2022.’

“The Welsh Government’s guidance at the moment is still pretty uncertain, there are so many variable factors that it is almost impossible to predict where we might be by July. The truth is that is highly unlikely that we will see any large scale events take place in Wales this summer, but even in the very best case scenario, if the festival was able to take place at a reduced capacity, it is almost certain that there would be a lot of restrictions in place. A GlastonBARRY with these restrictions imposed just wouldn’t be the event you’ve all come to expect. Obviously safety is paramount and we do not want to risk anyone’s health in the slightest, but also we want to put on an event that we can be proud of, and is actually viable to run, which unfortunately is not achievable this summer.”

“We completely understand the disappointment that not running our event in 2021 will bring to everyone who has enjoyed the events over the years as well as the loss of focus and revenue to a number of local businesses and the town as a whole. We would like to thank our amazing sponsors, acts, contractors and staff for their support, the Vale of Glamorgan Council for their assistance and as a small team ourselves, we truly appreciate the patience, understanding and encouragement shown by all of our loyal customers, friends and family.”

“In the uncertain circumstances we find ourselves in, we have to be optimistic and look to the future. The festival will now roll over to the final week of July 2022, GlastonBARRY Juniors will take place on Friday 29th July 2022, with GlastonBARRY festival taking place on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 2022.
We will be doing everything we can to ensure that GlastonBARRY 2022 is the biggest and best festival to date! We are working with artists to ensure we deliver a line-up truly worthy of the 2 year wait.”

Event organiser Matt Bulmberg told Bro Radio “I’m obviously very disappointed to announce that GlastonBARRY will have to be postponed once again this year, but obviously safety is paramount. Rest assured we will be working hard to make sure that we return in 2022 bigger and better than ever. A huge thanks for the understanding and support from all of our loyal customers, sponsors, staff and teams behind the scenes, to the Vale Council and everyone who has helped us along the way. Fingers crossed that the pandemic is coming to an end and we can see a return to normality in 2022.”

Announcements about the 2022 event will be made via the GlastonBARRY Social Media accounts and website in the coming months.

Organisers hope to release more tickets for the festival as restrictions are lifted and details of 2022 are confirmed.

All tickets purchased will automatically roll over to the new dates in 2022.

Any changes to address can be done by contacting Mack Events via our website at

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